Léopold L. Foulem, Marina Malvada at Galerie Luz

Exhibition: March 11 to April 4, 2015
Opening: Saturday March 14, from 2 to 5pm

Léopold L. Foulem: Flashbacks

These recent works could be regarded as flashbacks both descriptively and conceptually. Among other things, these are issues that Léopold L. Foulem has directly addressed in previous solo exhibitions, including two recent ones, Reframed in 2010 and Bibelots? in 2012. However, one is still encountering a novel reuse of series of authentic and bold formal appropriations.

The origin of these frankly ceramic new pastiches included in this solo is the inexhaustible corpus both corporeal and pictorial of historical ceramics. Even if they have nevertheless the appearance of the originals; they are actually objects transformed into subjects. As they lost their own identity, they have acquired a different one and thereby have radically metamorphosed their genesis.

Here, the mock ceramic containers have now morphed into unmistakable images of themselves. However, they are not pots about other pots, because they have lost their essential functional character and thus their original status. They therefore mutated into other things, that is, squarely images in the artistic sense. It is in this ingenious transmutation that reside Foulem’s unique conceptual approach and the amazing distinctiveness of the works.

The diversion of the bibelots, unlike that of the containers, lies mainly in the decidedly “politically incorrect” nature of narrative content. Through use of paedophilia as narrative, shamelessly casting men in cassocks, the artist pushes the traditional boundaries of the figurine’s shallowness / superficiality as a decorative genre and questions its usual categorization.

Flashbacks is Léopold L. Foulem’s fifty-third solo exhibition.

Marina Malvada: Space Scapes

These paintings represent an exploration of the laws of physics through the painting medium. The imagery takes the viewer on a deep space journey to new planetary systems in distant galaxies. A sense of tranquil dynamism is evoked as if one is slowly approaching strange and wondrous worlds. The textures and patterns have evolved out of pleasing physio-chemical interactions between pigment, moisture, pressure and gravity. In reality, the paintings are themselves created in ways which echo the birth of planets, while simultaneously retaining a connection to the Action Painters of post war 20th century.

(texts: Galerie Luz)

More info: www.galerieluz.com

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