Corine Lemieux & Zipertatou at galerie Joyce Yahouda

en cours de route - Corine Lemieux

Galerie Joyce Yahouda is hosting simultaneous exhibitions: Along the Way and Jazzissimo Joiseau.

Corine Lemieux’s photographic series Along the Way makes do solely with what already exists, with situations as they occur in daily encounters or activities. She produces series, that are always linked to questions of the complexity of human relationships, the ungraspable nature of phenomena, trasition and death, the space we cohabit, and finally a series of found words that in a certain way name all these realities. The exhibition is an open ended series that began in 2001 and constitutes the Along the Way ensemble.


Through his maquettes, Zipertatou’s Jazzissimo Joiseau attempts to reproduce the state of mind we immerse ourselves in when we play; a state of mind that brings us back to childhood. Play enables us to surrender the seriousness that characterized adulthood; the seriousness that implies a rational and reflective state of mind when facing the world.

(taken from galerie Joyce Yahouda press release)

Exhibition: October 14th – December 11th, 2010

Galerie Joyce Yahouda 
space 516
Corine Lemieux + Zipertatou
Along the Way + Jazzissimo Joiseau
October 14th to December 11th, 2010

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