HAVRE, KOLAKIS & RUBY at Galerie Donald Browne

Exhibition: June 20 – August 30, 2015

Curation is the rage. Everything is curated in our lives whether we like it or not. Our choices are made for us without knowledge of otherness.

Uncurated is to explore the wild, savage, or the undomesticated and help us accept pluralism to validate and accept different points of view.
Jérome Havre’s work is a social and cultural critic in response to our context. His visual assemblages by forms and materials create a dialogue between ethnographic and environmental spheres. Allowing spectators to interrogate their own reasoning by analogy.

Jérôme Ruby is fascinated by the savage utopia (Amiable Sauvages, 2012). Creatures are living in a world without rules or morality beyond our imaginations.

Valérie Kolakis continually inverts our perceptions and requires us to scramble to understand her games in her undoing of modernist dogmas with a wild witty sensibility.

The spectator becomes the curator – looking for connections to the art world and their own world.

(Text: Galerie Donald Browne)
More info: www.galeriedonaldbrowne.com

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