Louise Elie, Josèe Charbonneau, Apostolos Stefanopoulos at Galerie Luz

Exhibition: June 3 – 27, 2015
Vernissage: Wednesday June 3, from 5 – 8pm

Louise Elie

From click to printout, using all the technical possibilities that the virtual darkroom provides, Louise Elie lets herself be guided by light, transparency, textures and movement; by the swiftness of time passing, the evocation of memories and their disappearance, the beauty and the fragility of life.
The sea is part of her life. Through a regular pattern of separations and reunions, through thousands of hours spent in its company since her childhood, she has developed a close relationship, an intimate bond with the sea. Drawing on that bond, Louise Elie has created a series of images that stretch this dimension of intimacy to the point of abstraction, reducing the sea to line and colour. In another series, captured at night under a full moon and a cloudy sky, the photographer transforms the sea into expressionist images. Infused with power, density and mystery, these pieces evoke the paradoxical permanence of the sea’s infinite and ever-changing motion and its poetic resonance.

Josèe Charbonneau

Photography is Josée Charbonneau’s favourite medium and means of expression. She approaches her works on paper by using the organic shape of the image in a spatial environment. Using photo engraving, she creates visions inspired by her unconscious and the power of her childhood imagination. Through photo engraving, her pictures are always evolving and unique, evoking the spirit of the sea, with its complex currents and shifting winds. With “Water’s edge“ Josée Charbonneau presents an important step in her creative quest.
The eight virtues of the Koi Carp have been a source of inspiration in her artistic research: There is no fixed port, no purpose, live life in the present moment, ignore the straight and narrow, evolve with ease in uncertainty, appreciate your community, remain calm and serene, swim against the current back to the source.

Apostolos Stefanopoulos

Aretephos Studio emerged as a medium of symbolic art—‘Aretephos’—where works are defined and motivated by geometric shapes and script. Quotes are by various philosophers, scientists, musicians, spiritualists, poets, and dramatists that have shaped humanity into what it is today.
Artist Apostolos Stefanopoulos believes that art can visually express words geometrically: lines as length; color as dominance; circles and polygons as continuity; and triangles as stationary objects in space-time. Words finally have a real visual presence-a new way to be understood and appreciated.
Series Aretephos hosts quotes from profound individuals that have shaped humanity into what it is today. In your everyday life, it is nearly impossible to not come in contact with one of their philosophies or methods. All work in this section differs from one to another allowing one to interpret the quotes. 7 Sins & 7 Virtues brings to life our everyday challenges and accomplishments. We have all once in our lives been motivated by these principles. The categories appear similar because the veil between them is slim and dangerous. Mathematics encompasses equations in physics and geometry that defines reality and has been crucial in our understanding what is. One can only imagine what life would be like without these advances.
States of the Soul enters ones’ emotional states. Everyday, we express our selves in different, yet similar ways, but we never have the opportunity to see it on paper, now we can.

(Text: Galerie Luz)

More info: www.galerieluz.com

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