Anne-Marie Giroux, Rita Rodrigue, Sophie Pardo at Galerie Luz

Exhibition: May 6 – 30, 2015
Vernissage: Saturday May 9, from 2 – 5pm

Anne-Marie Giroux

In 2011, Giroux undertook the series SI UN ARBRE J’ÉTAIS and FORÊT MORTE. Greatly inspired by the Abitibi forest in northern Québec, she created works in two and three dimensions developed from traditional mediums, as well as from recycled materials. With the first series, SI UN ARBRE J’ÉTAIS, she merges the body and wood material in an abstraction that evokes more of a state of being than a figurative representation. She seems to isolate a fragment of the body in movement that abandons its usual aesthetic to take on the appearance of something plant-like. In these self-portraits, the being and the natural element become one.

Rita Rodrigue

The complicity of this uplifting and sheerness in time periods is an artistic works in two parts offering a same point of view on a smooth and transparent surface. Not one duality comes to interfere between the high and the low but simply a complementary.
Photos and designs on acetate are set side by side on small wood cubes to hold the works on pilings. a volume gives the appearance of depth of superimposed surfaces, creating the effect of contrasts, of forms and of colours to each successful addition.
An additional element is necessary: a natural material opposite to plastic, is the paper in small forms that fixes the surfaces in place with glue and small pins. In addition the paper floats to the surface, and becomes a connection of a linear piece, in accordance with its fantasy and atmosphere of perception discloses a different rhythm to each works to attach credence and freedom of the abstract concept.

Sophie Pardo

Her work is inspired by Japanese calligraphy. The chiaroscuro is an important part of her work. As in Japanese philosophy, dimensional space plays a key role in this spirit that sails between movement control and spontaneity. Hence arise abstract spaces with ink freezing the moment.
And thus the lines are generated by the energy flow and become truly alive. From the spirit, power flows to the body, which is channeled to the brush with no possible return. A duality appears between features and the empty space. The variations in the shape fluctuate to linen or wood, to increase the contrast.

(text: Galerie Luz)
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