Fortner Anderson, Victoria Stanton at Skol


Fortner Anderson / Victoria Stanton

Fortner Anderson: Points of Departure
Saturday, May 2, 2015
10am — 10pm
Bar as of 6pm

Victoria Stanton: MTL sessions d’écoute #3
Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fortner Anderson: Points of Departure
Each day for a period of one-year, from February 11th 2010 to February 10th 2011, poet and performance artist Fortner Anderson composed a poem for the project Points of Departure. Over that period, 256 poems were completed.

This performance presents the results of this yearlong project in a single uninterrupted reading of a duration of 12 hours and 10 minutes. Every two minutes, in chronological order, the poet will present the poem composed for the corresponding day. For those days for which there was no completed text, he will remain silent for two minutes.
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Victoria Stanton: MTL Listening Sessions #3
The Listening Sessions are an occasion to get together and share the joy of listening to music.
Participants are invited to bring a song of their choice, which will be played off mp3 players in a round-robin DJ session. If they choose to, they can say something about the song they’ve selected, which turns into a second stage of presentation: performances of memory through spontaneous storytelling.

The artist would like to thank Adriana Disman / LINK & PIN performance art series, RATS 9, Skol and all the participants who have already contributed to making such amazing playlists.
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(text: Skol)
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