The Belgo Report Podcast – Episode 10 | Contemplations: Sovereignty, Portraiture, and Nature

The Belgo Report Podcast

In this episode of the Belgo Report we capture inner monologues, explore quiet spaces in nature, and we contemplate ideas surrounding sovereignty. Host Bettina Forget chats with photographer Marisa Portolese about her exhibition Belle du Jour at Galerie Lilian Rodriguez, and how she captures her model’s inner landscape.
In her interview with curator Cheyanne Turions, Bettina and Cheyanne discuss the exhibition A Problem So Big It Needs Other People at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, which unites the talents of five First Nations artists. The central theme of the show is sovereignty, a concept which has been the topic of study at SBC for the last two years.
Last, but by no means least, is Bettina’s chat with Montreal artist Christian Knudsen, who stepped into the role of curator for the exhibition Nature at Galerie Nicolas Robert. We talk about walks in Montreal’s Botanical Garden, hand-tinted Japanese prints, and how Christian got the largest skylight in Quebec.

This month’s playlist
Anitek, Disconcert
Adela, Ora Chi Tornu
music from the musical Transmigrations
Miyata Kohachiro, Honshirabe
John Coltrane Quartet, Lonnie’s Lament

Useful links
Marisa Portolese
Galerie Lilian Rodriguez
Cheyanne Turions
SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art
Christian Knudsen
Galerie Nicolas Robert

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