The Belgo Report Podcast – Episode 8: Starlight, Polaroids, and Time

The Belgo Report Podcast Episode 8

In this episode of the Belgo Report we’re talking about light, time, polaroids, and contemporary alchemy. Host Bettina Forget and Montreal artist Fiona Annis discuss dead stars, pre-film photographic techniques (which require some solid knowledge of chemistry), and how Fiona uses her art to bridge the past and the present. Much like Fiona Annis, Anthony Vrakotas also investigates how echoes of the past invade today’s technology. Anthony uses expired polaroid film to capture the elusive memories of his childhood. His exhibition titled An Instant used to be Three Minutes Long refers to the time it takes to develop a Polaroid image – a process that seemed magically instant not too long ago.

This episode features an eclectic collection of space-inspired music:
Space Lion – 4 Hero by  The Seatbelts
We Who Are Not As Others by Jazzanova
Protostar – Antares (Alpha Scorpii) by GV Sound
Supernova Sonata by Alex Parker
Hymne an die Nacht by A. M. Mahler, performed by Maude Paradis (mezzo soprano) and Clark Schaufele (piano)

How to listen
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Useful links:
Galerie Lilian Rodriguez
Fiona Annis website
Mésures Celestes concert featuring Maude Paradis and Clark Schaufele [Vimeo]
Supernova Sonata video by Alex Parker
Galerie Nicolas Robert
Anthony Vrakotas website

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