Episode 3 of The Belgo Report Podcast – Atypical Bodies and 3D Printing

Belgo Report Podcast - Fred Laforge

This episode of the Belgo Report host Bettina Forget interviews Montreal artist Fred Laforge, and then takes us on a visit to 3D printing studio Robocut.
Fred Laforge’s work focuses on atypical bodies – his drawings and sculptures feature people with Down Syndrome, obese women, and women with an overabundance of hair. Bettina and Fred discuss the concepts of beauty and ugliness, and the assumed interdependence of beauty and morality.
One of the things that intrigued Bettina about this artist’s work is his use of 3D printing technology. So, she took the Belgo Report on a field trip to visit the digital fabrication studio Robocut in Montreal’s Plateau. Bettina sat down with Philippe Savard, the technical director of Robocut, to find out what artists need to know if they are thinking about delving into the world of 3D printing.
And, as per usual, at the end of the hour Bettina has a few recommendations of exhibitions you should check out in the galleries Belgo building.

You can listen and download the podcast directly from the show’s webpage on the No More Radio site, or play it by clicking on the stream link in the right sidebar.

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