Zoltan Veevaete’s Pop RMX at Espace Robert Poulin

Zoltan Veevaete at Espace Robert Poulin

Robert Poulin is part of the group of art collectors who are featured in the Montreal-wide series of exhibitions titled COLLECTIONNER. Poulin’s official show is at the Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay, but you may also want to make a bee-line to the Belgo building, where he is regularly exhibiting works from his own collection.

Currently on show at Espace Robert Poulin is a series of works by painter Zoltan Veevaete titled Pop RMX. Veevaete fuses the painterly aesthetics and techniques of modern masters such as Picasso and Braque with a more contemporary style of Art Brut and Bande Dessinnée. His interpretation of the classic Dejeuner sur l’herbe is awash in unruly drips and hurried brushstrokes, the street scene Disney Diamonds is anything but picturesque, but brims with a dark, urban energy.

Make sure to check out the smaller exhibition room of Espace Robert Poulin, where Veevaete presents a series of small-format portraits which are incredibly touching.

Espace Robert Poulin, space 411
Zoltan Veevaete
March 14 – April 7, 2012

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