Paint-explosion! Mathieu Levesque at Galerie Trois Points

Mathieu Levesque at Galerie Trois Points

If you’re looking for an anti-dote to the winter blahs, check out the exhibition Goût d’éclats by Mathieu Levesque which just launched at Galerie Trois Points.

Spiderwebs of paint-drips envelope wall-mounted pine slabs, their pointed angles jutting into space. The softness and playfulness of the thick paint blobs are a sharp contrast to the hard-edged geometric supports they cover. The paint is riotous, exploding at random on the polished wooden surface, shimmering in every colour of the rainbow. Get a little closer, and you’ll find small plastic toys embedded in the thick dollops of paint, there are a few stickers, and I think I even spotted a paint-covered tooth brush. One of the artworks features a heap of white paint, squeezed on the top of a wooden slab like a cupcake icing, topped with sprinkles. Look a little to the left, and there’s another heap of brown paint, squeezed in a similar fashion, but somewhat reminiscent of a pile of dog poo (but of a very tiny dog). Who said art had to be serious?

If you’re planning to visit the Belgo for Nuit Blanche à Montréal this Saturday, make sure you drop by Galerie Trois Points to see Mathieu Levesque in action, and you’re even invited to assist in his “painting orgy”. Sounds like fun.

For a complete list of the Nuit Blanche events in the Belgo, check out this earlier post.

Galerie Trois Points
space 520
Mathieu Levesque
Goût d’éclats
February 19 – March 19, 2011

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