HÉROS – Marie-Christine Simard at Les Territoires

Marie-Christine Simard

An exploration of the sublime crosses over Marie-Christine Simard’s work in various ways: through photographic and pictorial work on landscape, through a visual exploration of scent and in seeking epiphanies in everyday occurrences.

The series Héros presents a cast of characters searching for a state of contemplation that belongs to the experience of the sublime. Each of them refers to an archetypal representation of courage in History, art history, pop culture or in the biographies of mythic artists. The hero represented here carries an accepted singularity. Their actions are subtle feats that rest on a know-how rather than an emphatic display of strength or excellence.The subjects expand our preconceived ideas of heroism without presenting antiheroes.
(from Les Territoires press release)

La galerie les territoires 
space 527
Marie-Christine Simard
December 2nd – 18th, 2010


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