Yacine Mseffar + Damián Siqueiros at galerie [SAS]

Yacine Mseffar

Yacine Mseffar began practicing photography by the age of 17. His contacts and collaborations with photographers such as Raphael Mazzuco and Peter Beard strongly influenced his relationship with this medium. It was after his collaboration with Peter Beard that he began his passion for nature in his photographic works. Yacine Mseffar seeks to reveal the parallels between the shapes, textures, and lines found in nature and those used in architecture and design.

Exhibition Dates: November 4th – December 11th, 2010 – Space 1

Damián Siqueiros uses digital photograph as a medium to erase the boundaries between reality and fiction. His work thus produces images that are reminiscent of the aesthetics of Romantic paintings through processed light or the mise en scene of his characters. With La vie comme une performance, Damián Siqueiros explores the influence of society and religious institutions on a couple’s identity, construction, and perception. It seeks to create a dialogue between viewer and image, and bring into question one’s own identity.

Exhibition Dates: November 4th – December 11th, 2010 – Space 2

(from press release)

galerie [sas]
space 416
Yacine Mseffar & Damian Siqueiros
November 4th – December 11th, 2010

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