Animal – Yvon Goulet at Maison Kasini


Quebec-artist Yvon Goulet has built a reputation for himself as an “urban folklorist”. He finds his inspiration in Montreal’s Gay Village and illustrates the cultural events and festivities of the gay community. He presents daily reality and features the male body. In his works, he represents the symbols, the uniforms and fantasies which are specific to the gay culture. In so doing, he takes situations and imagery reserved for the few and makes them accessible to all. He paints on polyester panels used during election campaigns. He uses the text of the political posters on which he paints as integral parts of his work.

 In a departure from his typical subject, “Yvon Goulet: Animal” presents a menagerie of work where the subject is non-human: bears, pigs, cows, goats, wolves, bats, and mosquitos. He says, “I want to pay tribute to some animals that we eat or spend our life with everyday without looking at them anymore. A steer isn’t just some red meat wrapped in plastic on a plate of styrofoam…it is also a being who has feelings just like ours.”

(taken from Maison Kasini press release)

Maison Kasini
space 408
Yvon Goulet
November 2010

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