Presque des naufrages, fictions poétiques – Michelle Héon at galerie Trois Points

Michelle Héon

 Presque des naufrages… fictions poétiques is the result of Michelle Héon’s fascinating journey on the Trans Siberian that brought her to the oriental regions of Russia. The might and the excessiveness of the rivers, the lake’s abyssal depth and unsettled surface, all were joined in an alliance of photography and installation, yet leaving space for oneiric activity that plunges the spectator in an encompassing fascination, but not knowing what might be there.

The work feeds on the experience of being in this world, here and now, from where always theses fringes, this edge, almost at a distance that calls to mind the places, the positions for each of us, in constant displacement and motion. This unfolding of space and time carries us back into the world of fiction and of poetry. The weft of the glistening sea, the hairy sea grass, the overwhelming waves and the small vessels offer many possibilities for narratives.
 (taken from the Galerie Trois Points press release)

Vernissage: Saturday, September 11th, 3pm

Galerie Trois Points
space 520
Michelle Héon
Presque des naufrages – fictions poétiques
September 11th -October 9th, 2010

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